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Why we're here!

Who We Are!

We exist to work with those ranging from 4 years old to adulthood, so we can focus on goals and goal-directed behavior, such as Executive Functioning skills and strengthening Reading/ELA skills. We work with anyone desiring to set and achieve goals to seek better understanding and growth. We do not provide therapy supports (such as OT, psychological/educational evaluations, SLP services, etc.) although we do complement those, or we can help guide you to those resources.

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Our Why!

We provide the services that we personally needed when raising three children: skilled subject matter instruction, executive functioning skills, and parental support from someone who “gets it”. 

We Want:

* To provide our clients with what we personally needed and could not find when raising and launching our own children to adulthood

* To provide information, resources, and support

* To provide a shared community

* To provide skilled instruction and strategies to scaffold learning

* To provide assistance to students, parents, caregivers, educators, and other support personnel

* To provide help through life transitions such as middle-school to high school; high-school to college or career; and college to career and adult independence

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Our Response and Responsibility:
* To share our knowledge and experience to serve others and the community
* To connect others to those that share commonalities to benefit one another in support and encouragement
* To continue to enhance our own knowledge and to be open to new ideas, research opportunities, and experiences
* To foster resiliency, respect for oneself and others, and resourcefulness in facing, enduring, or conquering challenges and goals

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